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USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center Strategic Plan

Mission Compassion Collaboration Discovery Impact

The USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center is steeped in a tradition of collaborative partnerships dedicated to uniting the medical and research community with civic, industry, and philanthropic leaders in confronting cancer. Our commitment is to enlarge and unite the community that is focused on overcoming cancer. As we pursue innovative and interdisciplinary methods to make cancer a disease of the past, collaboration is the way forward and a cornerstone of our strategy.

USC Norris draws upon a network of renowned scientists, academics, and practitioners to deliver an integrative model of research and patient care, and a team that values the health of patients and populations. As a member of the USC Trojan family and part of the Keck School of Medicine, we have at our disposal vast talent and resources, driven by a globally recognized brand that attracts top leaders in their respective fields. Our focus is on mining the opportunities of our unique locale while leveraging our strengths to optimize our performance and be a global leader in the advancement of cancer research and patient care.

The City of Los Angeles is our home and a gateway to the Pacific Rim. Los Angeles offers an unparalleled, creative landscape of racial and ethnic diversity and health disparity. We advance our knowledge of the unique attributes and healthcare needs of the population in the pursuit of precision cancer care to individuals of all ages. We proudly leverage our strength in the areas of molecular and genomic research to accelerate discovery in the precision care of diverse racial and ethnic populations. This is where Norris brings its distinctive value proposition to our patients and peers in confronting cancer.

We strive to transform the future through our commitment to deliver rich new science in order to prevent, control, and cure cancer. We lead on the path of community and partnership, with generosity of spirit, for the benefit of our patients, communities, and society at large.

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center 40th Anniversary

Celebrating USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center's 40th Anniversary

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