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USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center Strategic Plan

Executive Summary of the Strategic Plan

In the Spring of 2012, the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center initiated a strategic planning process to define our five-year plan. With new leadership at the Center and the new framework of the USC Strategic Vision: Matching Deeds to Ambitions, the time was right to evaluate and refocus Norris’ role as a global leader in the quest to make cancer a disease of the past. The strategic planning process was highly inclusive, engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders that included Norris faculty, staff, and researchers, University leaders and faculty, patient advocates, and partners in the medical community. This collaborative process afforded a comprehensive view of Norris’ challenges and opportunities and strengthened critical alliances. The resulting strategic plan builds on Norris’ strengths and assets while defining its path of distinction as an integrative model for research, education, and personalized patient care.

The ideas and decisions represented in Norris’ strategic plan are the investments that will enable Norris to affect future research that advances our knowledge and treatment of cancer. As a leader in molecular and genomic research, Norris will provide advanced precision patient care for all patients and accelerate the implementation of cancer care in diverse racial/ethnic populations. To summarize our strategy, we will provide advanced precision cancer care to patients treated at the USC Norris Cancer Hospital with the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center by 2015.

The USC Norris Mission is to make cancer a disease of the past by advancing and integrating research, education, and personalized patient care. This strategic plan is our guide to achieving that mission, by becoming an innovative leader and setting a global standard for cutting-edge cancer research and patient care. Our mission will be realized through the following four key objectives. These are outlined in more detail throughout this Strategic Plan.


Break new ground in cancer research as a globally recognized destination for patients with cancer and cancer-related diseases.

Fulfilling the USC Strategic Vision for Scholarship with Consequence, the USC Norris will lead in the advancement of precision cancer care, leveraging technical platforms to execute vertical integration from molecular characterization to novel therapy. Patient-centered care will span the continuum, from prevention to survivorship, including the identification of novel risk factors and development of new therapeutics based on research discoveries of Norris investigators.


Leverage ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as environmental exposures for research, community outreach and service.

USC Norris serves a diverse community, a unique asset that enables the acceleration of precision care for racial/ethnic populations. With a strong focus on collaboration and disparity- and diversity-focused partnerships, Norris will establish itself as a national and global resource for disparity- and diversity-based cancer research, as well as an international resource for clinical cancer care, aligning with the USC Strategic Vision for Global and Local Engagement.


Strengthen the USC Norris reputation and position the brand to develop a robust funding pipeline to advance leading-edge research.

As a member of the USC family that values the USC Strategic Vision for Connecting the Individual to the World, Norris is part of a globally recognized brand that can be leveraged to draw top-tier faculty and staff, as well as attract significant funding. A clear and compelling brand, aligned with USC, will be communicated locally, nationally, and globally to increase awareness of research, education, and individualized patient care. A funding plan will seek endowments and unrestricted giving that will be used to develop critical infrastructure and fund research priorities.


Create a dynamic organization that attracts and retains the highest quality faculty and staff and develop individuals as leaders in their fields.

In order to Create Conditions for Success with Accountability in alignment with the USC Strategic Vision, USC Norris will develop leadership and education programs that engage and support all levels of the organization. Training, funding and mentoring will be provided for students, post-doctoral fellows, clinical fellows, residents, and faculty as well as interdisciplinary education to ensure a broad and comprehensive learning experience. Recruiting will be conducted in a strategic manner to build on existing expertise, fill critical gaps, and deliver transformational hires.

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center 40th Anniversary

Celebrating USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center's 40th Anniversary

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