University of Southern California

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center Strategic Plan

Strategy Statement Summary

We provide advanced precision cancer care to patients treated at the USC Norris Cancer Hospital with the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center by 2015:
  • Develop and deliver tailored prevention strategies and therapies to patients based on actionable mutations, pathways, and epigenetic regulation
  • Accelerate the implementation of cancer care in diverse racial/ethnic populations

Strategic Objectives


Break new ground in cancer research as a globally recognized destination for patients with cancer and cancer-related diseases
1.1 Become a leader in advancing precision cancer care based on molecular and genomic research
1.2 Execute vertical integration from molecular characterization to novel therapy
1.3 Identify novel risk factors for prevention/early detection and develop new therapeutics based on in-house research discoveries
1.4 Invest in emerging fields/technologies that are underdeveloped at USC and advance our key strategies
1.5 Integrate care with the research mission
1.6 Deliver patient centered, multidisciplinary care
1.7 Enhance the quality of cancer care research across the continuum from prevention to survivorship
1.8 Enable leading edge research and clinical operations with state-of-the-art cores, equipment, facilities, and information technology


Leverage ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as environmental exposures for research, community outreach and service
2.1 Establish disparity- and diversity-focused partnerships
2.2 Enhance and sustain a collaborative culture
2.3 Establish an NCI-wide/cancer center resource for disparity- and diversity-based research


Strengthen the USC Norris reputation and position the brand to develop a robust funding pipeline to advance leading-edge research
3.1 Increase the unrestricted giving and the planned giving program
3.2 Communicate and represent a clear and compelling brand
3.3 Develop a funding plan to build endowment for research priorities
3.4 Increase awareness of the Norris brand and services with patient communities and physicians/professionals
3.5 Invest in professional and staff development and infrastructure


Create a dynamic organization that attracts and retains the highest quality faculty and staff and develop individuals as leaders in their fields
4.1 Conduct strategic recruitment of faculty and staff
4.2 Develop an environment that attracts and retains top faculty and staff
4.3 Create a track or program in Cancer Biology that will provide opportunities for interdisciplinary education for students, post-docs, clinical fellows, and residents
4.4 Develop fellowship program and provide increased financial support and mentoring for PhD students, post-docs, clinical fellows, and residents
4.5 Become a Center that works at multiple levels to create a more knowledgeable community for cancer care and prevention
4.6 Create an optimal and transparent organizational structure to align all services, policies, and procedures
4.7 Establish leadership, educational, and engagement initiatives to keep our people invested in the USC Norris mission
4.8 Organize our programs, support units, policies, procedures, processes, and communication in alignment with our core values

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center 40th Anniversary

Celebrating USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center's 40th Anniversary

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